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Testimonials & Reviews

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Dave Cottlehuber

CEO @ SkunkWerks

Maikel has a wide range of tech skills already to draw from, and navigated our unfamiliar environment easily. He picked up our diverse tech stack very quickly, and made rapid progress with very little hand-holding. He was a pleasure to work with, and I'd gladly do so again.

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Konstantin Kostov

CEO @ Headbright Group

I recently had the opportunity to engage Maikel for a DevOps assignment. His proficiency and dedication were evident from the onset. Maikel not only delivered the task with precision but also ensured that every detail was addressed with the utmost professionalism. His proactive communication and comprehensive domain knowledge ensured a seamless and efficient completion of the assignment. I wholeheartedly believe that Maikel would be an invaluable asset to any project, both for his technical prowess and his commendable human qualities.

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Stephen Newey

Manager, SW Engineering @ Roku, Inc

I engaged Maikel's services to develop an open source architecture and Infrastructure-as-Code (Terraform) project that enables enterprise-level capabilities (Kubernetes, GitOps) on low cost hosting services (Hetzner Cloud) with a focus on low maintenance burden (Talos Linux, Helm, Velero). Maikel took the time to understand the requirements, asking the right questions and producing a schedule of work we agreed upon. Throughout the project Maikel's communication was excellent, providing regular feedback on progress. I was continually impressed at how quickly Maikel was able to learn about and fully utilise tools he'd not previously used, and how dedicated he is to solving challenging problems to improve user experience. It was a pleasure to work with Maikel and based on my exp...Read more

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John Gibb

Head of Projects @ Survation

Maikel is a multi-talented maestro of tech, expertly managing code, clouds, and complexities to craft solutions that will push the boundaries of what's possible with your timescale and budget.

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Hina Hussain

Office and Operations Manager @ Survation

Maikel has been an exceptional asset to our team during our time working together. Maikel's expertise in IT and his unwavering commitment to delivering streamlined support for our staff have truly made a significant impact on our organization. Throughout our collaboration, I have had the privilege of witnessing Maikel's exceptional technical skills and his ability to solve complex IT challenges with ease. His deep understanding of various systems and technologies, coupled with his willingness to share his knowledge, has been invaluable to our team's success. Maikel consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our staff members have the necessary tools and support to perform their duties efficiently. One of the most admirable qualities of Maikel is his patience and dedicati...Read more

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Rushaa Hamid

Former Special Projects Manager @ Survation

I had the pleasure of working with Maikel at Survation where he single-handedly created our online panel from scratch and demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise throughout the entire process. His proficiency in front-end technologies, coupled with his expertise in back-end frameworks and databases, allowed him to develop a reliable and responsive panel. Maikel was always ready to tackle challenges head-on, providing innovative solutions to any issues that arose during the development process. He consistently communicated progress updates, sought feedback, incorporated suggestions promptly, and created plain language user guides making him an invaluable asset to the team. I am confident that Maikel will excel in any project he undertakes and contribute significantly to its success.

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Mike Burrows

Former CTO @ Survation

Maikel designs systems to solve complete business problems, rapidly learning whatever is needed to detect, resolve and prevent issues for the long term. His effort and commitment in the workplace is always impressive and I recommend his services to anyone needing a rapid build-out of a stand-alone project or resolution to technical issues with existing deployments.