Limitless Solutions, Tailored for You

I can help you with your existing services or build new ones entirely from scratch

Full Stack Web Development

Using Angular, React, Flask, Django or Phoenix in Elixir I can build your website backend and frontend from scratch.

Cloud Monitoring

I can monitor with alerts 24/7 your cloud infrastructure and perform any necessary actions to keep it running smoothly.

Cloud Creation

Is there a development environment that you'd like to replicate, I can use Terraform and Ansible for that. I can create production environments as Code in AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, or any cloud provider of your choice.

Costs Optimization

Do you know most people using password managers like LastPass do not know there are free and open-source technologies that can do the same (e.g.: Bitwarden) ? I can help you save money by using free and open-source technologies.

GDPR Compliance

Have you met many people who have read the 88 pages of the GDPR directive, dissected it and study it? I have. I can help you with your GDPR compliance.

Database Design

I can design your database and create the necessary queries for your application to run smoothly in Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or any database of your choice.